Homeless Prevention
Rapid Rehousing

Rapid Rehousing : For individuals and families who are living outside and identified by community outreach teams, Open Doors Homeless Coalition provides deposits, rental assistance, case management support, and linkages to community services driven by prioritization based on need and availability of funding. Outreach teams engage with persons living outside daily.  

Homelessness Prevention:  For individuals and families who are experiencing a housing crisis and qualify for assistance, Open Doors Homeless Coalition may be able to provide support in the form of case management and time-limited rental subsidies. Assistance requires prioritization based on need and the availability of funding.  If you are in a housing crisis, please call the Coordinated Entry line at 228-604-2048.

Are you homeless, or experiencing a housing crisis in South Mississippi?Call 228-604-2048If you need other essential servicescall 211